Golf & Me!

How it all came to be…

I first went on the course when I was 14 – 15 years old with my dad who was then serving in the Indian Army. As I was obsessed with Hockey, Golf was the slowest game on the planet and figured then that this game was not that happening.

After a twist of fate with a very bad injury during a practice camp for the Indian Hockey team, which forced me out of hockey, I decided to take my studies up seriously, though my heart always wanted to be a sports person, I did manage to do well in other sports like Athletics and Tennis.

I did my MBA and got used to the corporate scheme of things – my first job was with the advertising industry and then spent four glorious years in the financial sector, my job with ING took me back to the Golf Course but this time it was for “Business on Course”. I played the sport for ice breaking with high net individuals which was my clientele. I started enjoying the game.